Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi guys!
How have you been? I hope you are doing well. I deeply apologize for not updating this page in months, big things have happened so far, but now i promise i will update this my beloved place at least once a week.
You are beautiful' has set a big warm place in my heart, memories of those times while airing will not be erase by time, no matter what happen after that. I met wonderful people because of YAB, some of them have become dear friends, some has part on their own paths, but all those moments we lived together i will keep until the last day of my life :)

What are we up to star with?

We have a new contest...yeah!!! Anjell lovers are still alive, and to prove our loyalty we are giving away some precious treasures, pay attention:
Dear All,

We have decided to hold a poetry contest to determine the winners for the JGS Fan Meeting Merchandise Give Away. As mentioned, there are: 3 towels, 3 pin sets and 1 light stick to be given away as prizes.

The contest is simple:
1. Registered members of our chatroll can participate.
2. All members will submit a poem of less than 50 words to a new gmail :
3. The deadline for submission is 15 May 2010.
4. The winning entries will be selected by Adjani, Tianshi and Andi (who are not participants).
5. The winners will be announced here by 22 May 2010 and will be informed via email to submit details for the prizes to be sent to you.
6. Poem contents must be related to JGS or his role TK in YAB.

KUGS!!!! Contact me to get the e-mail address ;)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Valentine's day

Hi there! just help a bit to all YAB international fans, go to the site and participate :)

"Hello all,

Please remember to email us your entries for Valentines's Day booklet before January 30th to . The sooner, the better. Here are some guidelines to help you.

Guidelines: For entries
- 12 point text size
- times new roman font
- less than 250 words
- do a spell check before submitting your entries
- picture and drawing size minimum 800x600 pixels. The bigger the better.
- attach entries as microsoft word document or as a text file.
- attach each entry as a separate file.

Please follow the guidelines carefully. Failure to follow these may result in your entry not accepted. We appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to participate in this project.

Thank you

Saturday, December 19, 2009

YAB re-airing!

Yes ladies and gentlemen. Confirmed.
SBS is re-airing the whole drama in just two days.
let`s see:

When : dec 19 = epis 1 to 8
dec 20 = eps 9 to 16

time : 12: 00 (noon) to 10 pm (korean time)

This is like one of the nicest X-tmas present!!!!

Let`s remeber that the rating average in Korean was about 10%, then let´s watch it again to make the rating up....no1 if there could still be a possibility of a sequel of YAB..

so YAB...Let`s keep rocking!!!

(credits to hijinx in Film + Drama Beat)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bloody message for Jeremy.

As you all might already know the adorable Jeremy, Lee Hong Ki, has received a bloody typed letter.
" Lee Hong Ki, You Know I love you righg?"

...How can somedoby make this to a person who is in love with?? I dont get it. It is scary, insane. Actors, singers, people. They all have feelings, they can feel love, pride, anger and pain, so they can feel afraid too.
Specially Lee Hong Ki, come`n, he is just a kid! He is not even 20 and still is such as hard working and kind person that anyone can think he is untouchable. Well, his talent has made him succeed, but it doesnt mean he can not get hurt in the way.

Let`s help to stop this kind of messages.
If you agree and dont want more bloody messages to our stars, copy and past this pic in the side bar of your blog. It is not a really big thing but at least we can show our rejection to this kind of behaviour.
Lee Hong Ki...Fighting!


Enter to SBS and register, then vote for PSH and JGS as the best couple.
It could take 1 or 2 days, but please be perseverant....

btw: in the pic above, follow the pink marks

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pre order D-cuts DVD

Are you trully "You're Beautiful" addict?? wanna prove your love?? here's your chance~~
Why not supporting them by ordering the D-cuts DVD?? Nothing to waste since you guys can see the unseen parts that couldn't have been watched in the TV/net~ this rare chance only come once!! don't waste your time anymore! Grab this chance!!

For more details go to this website:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

YAB International Fan Club invitation

“You’re Beautiful” may have come to an end, but our love and appreciation has not. Please join us to show your love and support for A.N.JELLs.

Whether your heart beats for TK or skips for MN, whether you jump with joy for Jeremy or smile for sweet Shin Woo, you are always welcome at YAB International Fan Club. Join the club by sending us ( a short mail with your name/nickname/email address (to which we will send you updates) /and country.

Benefits from joining? Besides getting updates, meeting other fans and sharing with other members your addiction you'll have an opporitunity to participate in YAB International projects.

After the success of our 1st project, Flower Power (sending flowers to JGS), we're currently working on the 2nd one called “Cards from around the world. Show your love, Say it with words".

Here is the plan:

1. Sending us your card design (optional but really appreciated)
2. Vote on your favourite design
3. Print selected design
4. Mail your card in the beginning of January (normal mail, not e-cards)

If you're interested here are the details:

1. Card design: Send us a card designed by you for ANJells (to It can be whatever you want: a drawing, graphic, etc. But not sign it with your name, it's going to be a design that all members will use.
Deadline for sending us your design is:
14th December 2009, 12:00 a.m (GMT -11)

2. Voting: All designs will be posted on YAB International fanclub's website and forum (we're working on them so addresses will be added later) for all members to vote on. The one receiving the most love will be selected as final design and will be used to send postcards to all ANJells with it.
Deadline for voting:
21st December 2009, 12a.m (GMT -11)

3. Download and print the final design. Add personal touches such as stickers, bows, sparkles and of course greetings for each ANJell! Remember it's one card per each ANJell, so prepare 4 of them to spread your love equally.

4. Mail your cards to Anjells. We will provide the addresses (and final design) but for fanclub members only.

The cards sending should be done in the beginning of January 2010 as it's a New Year's project.

Before that, we will send a team card with our current (at that time) list of members.

To make this a success and a big surprise for JSG, PSH, HK and YH become a part of this project and a member of YAB International quickly! :)

With lots of love,

Team of YAB International Fanclub

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


These are the pics sent by some fans. They have done a great job takiing the time to dress up and send the pics.

We want to say thank you YAB for every singles moment you have bring to pur lives. We really hope to have a season 2 of YAB, we cant live without you anymore...

You can add you pic too, send it to our e-mail
to keep this slide update.

YAB...You still rock!


Since I have been out for so much time, i`m leaving you in the same post some site i have found to have fun with some sweet poll. Go ahead!
*An interesting place to vote, skill based, is here

*JGeun Suk' best look:

*PShin Hye`s best Loox:

That`s all for now....

YAB...let`s go for season 2!

Thursday, November 26, 2009